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Prices given are in pounds sterling, hereafter referred to as GBP. Sensible offers are welcome.

These prices do not include shipping costs unless stated. I am normally able to ship overseas on smaller items. Please remember that if you want to pick anything up in person I am based between Penrith and Carlisle in Cumbria, England near the Scottish border - about twenty minutes from J40 or J41 on the M6.

If you are interested in any of these items please e-mail me, Tony Allgood, here, or see my contact page.

Tony Allgood

Creative Arts:

My Music

Electronic Music by Takla Makan can be found at my Bandcamp page.

My Writing

My contemporary fantasy novel, Stonetrance by Anthony James, can be found in Kindle format on Amazon.

Keyboards, Drum Machines and Synthesisers:

Oakley Sound Complete Modular System

Case 1: midiDAC, VCO Controller, VCO, VCO, SVCO-A, ADSR/VCA, ADSR/VCA
Case 2: VRG, Sample/Slew, VC-LFO, Multimix, Fourmix, COTA, DLF, Overdrive-II, Dual VCA-X, Router

Both 19" steel rack cases are 300mm deep and directly mains powered with standard IEC mains sockets on the rear. The IEC leads will only be included if the buyer is based in the UK.

This system was built by me here at Oakley Sound HQ for my own use and modules vary from around ten years old to less than a year old. The system is in good condition (but not brand new) and fully working. I'm selling this to make way for other projects I'm developing.

More photographs are available on request.

The price is 2100GBP. Shipping is 50GBP within the UK.

Novation Summit

16 voice hybrid polysynth. In very good condition and less than a year old. With original box and UK power lead.

More photographs are available on request.

Price is 1500GBP. Shipping is 30GBP.

Liivatera Attenuator/Inverter/Offset/Mixer Eurorack module

In good condition with very minor rack rash.

Price is 50GBP including shipping within the UK.

Yamaha MFC10

Midi foot controller. In good condition but there's no manual or original packaging. UK power supplied provided.

Price is 85GBP. Personal pick up or shipped. Shipping is 15GBP within the UK.

Roland SR-JV80-13 'Vocal Collection' Expansion Card

Expansion card for the JV series of synthesisers, eg. JV-1080, JV2080 etc. Fully working and in good condition. No original packaging or documentation provided.

Price is 85GBP. Shipping is 8GBP within the UK, 15GBP to North America and EU.

Effects Units and Pedals:

Roland AP-2 Phase II phaser pedal

An excellent sounding FET based phaser pedal. Wonderful solid construction. In good condition and fully working. Fully serviced in 2015. This one has been modified to remove the need for annoying batteries and so requires an external 18V power supply. The power connector is a standard centre positive type like those for the Diamond pedals.

Price is 145GBP. Personal pick up or shipped. Shipping is 10GBP within the UK, 20GBP to North America and EU.

Diamond Halo Chorus Pedal

Great sounding stereo chorus and phaser pedal. Based around the MN3007 BBD for the chorus and two vactrols for the phaser this is a very versatile unit. It requires 18V to 24V DC to run and a separate wall wart style power supply is included. The unit comes with its original box and is signed by the makers inside.

The unit is in good condition and works perfectly.

Price is 170GBP. Personal pick up or shipped. Shipping is 10GBP within the UK, 20GBP to North America and EU.

Spare parts for Synths and Effects

Note if ordering more than one item from the list below, postage costs will be charged once only and to the value of the higher of the individual postage rates.

SAD512D BBD chips

This is the 8-pin DIL version. These are used but have not been soldered and are fully working. They will be tested again prior to shipping to ensure you get a working device. Price is 50GBP each. Postage is 5GBP for UK and 10GBP for the rest of the world.

Roland TR-707 and TR-727 Cartridge board

Roland part number 73136080. They call it a board but it's actually the card socket and flexible circuit laminate. Price is 15GBP. Postage is 5GBP for UK, 10GBP for EU, 15GBP for North America/Australia/NZ

Roland JX-3P Jack board

Roland part number 149H215. Spares or repairs only. All parts present and in good condition but I'm unsure whether it all functions perfectly. Price is 15GBP. Postage is 5GBP for UK, 10GBP for EU, 15GBP for North America/Australia/NZ

Roland CR-1000 Switch Board

Roland part number 73141070. New old stock - assumed working. Includes all switch caps, small pots and dual tempo pot. Price is 50GBP. Postage is 7GBP for UK, 9GBP for EU, 10GBP for North America/Australia/NZ

Roland JX-10 magnetic edit map

This is the edit map that is found in the User Manual implemented as a magnetic laminate sheet. Very useful even for those of you with a PG-800. These are new old stock and are in great condition. Price is 15GBP. Postage is 5GBP for UK, 10GBP for EU, 12GBP for North America/Australia/NZ

Roland Juno 106 bender front panel

This is in nice condition. Perhaps 9/10 - with only a slight blemish just under the word VOLUME. This is a genuine Roland spare part. Price is 25GBP plus 8GBP postage within the UK or 15GBP elsewhere.

Roland Juno 106 end cheeks

Both left and right end cheeks are available, either separately or together. The condition is fair - no major scratches or dints - but they are not perfect and showing their age somewhat. Price is 22GBP for each cheek, plus 10GBP postage within the UK or 16GBP elsewhere.


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