About Oakley Sound Systems

The company was originally called Sound Systems and was formed by Tony Allgood in 1984 whilst he was studying at university. Initially, it was only a side line to Tony's professional career as an electronic design engineer. However, in 1996, as interest had grown sufficiently in his products and services, Tony formed Oakley Sound Systems. This, at first, was predominantly a repair business to local music shops and musicians, but the growth of the internet allowed him to start to manufacture and sell PCBs and other products.

In the period between 1999 and 2005 Oakley Sound Systems sold ready made modulars, modules and printed circuit boards direct to people all over the world. Our modules have been used in film production, at live concerts and in many hundreds of home studios.

In June 2005 a decision was made to hand over all merchandising to another company whilst continuing to design new products. The retail side of the ready made module business is now handled by Krisp1 run by Paul Darlow. Paul works in partnership with Oakley Sound to provide high quality modular products in 5U MOTM, 5U MU and Euro formats.

In September 2010 Oakley Sound Systems started to sell PCBs directly again allowing Paul to concentrate on manufacturing and selling modules. In March 2016 the repair and servicing side of Oakley Sound Systems was closed so that Tony could spend more time developing new products.

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