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19th March 2019

For up to date gossip (and unofficial technical support) on all Oakley projects visit the Oakley Sound Forum which is hosted at Muffwiggler.com.

Creative Arts News

Takla Makan is my musical identity and I have been making synthesiser music for over thirty years. My most recent album, Technicollage, was released in April 2016. You can visit my music page and listen to the music I create with my synthesisers.

My contemporary fantasy novel, Stonetrance by Anthony James, can be found in Kindle format on Amazon.

PCB News

The following boards are temporarily out of stock:

All boards are currently in stock

The following board stocks are getting very low, ie. less than five:

Dual Comparator
Discontinuity Pot Board
Ring Mod (5U)
Deep Equinoxe

The following boards will be discontinued once current stocks run out:

Ring Mod (5U)
Euro PSU
Euro Dizzy
Ring Mod (Euro)

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