Euro Dizzy: Eurorack Power Distribution board

Constructional Difficulty: Easy

An earlier version of the issue 2 Euro Dizzy board. Newer issue 2 boards have green solder mask instead of red.

This is a power distribution board supporting eight 16-way IDC headers and four faston headers for power entry. Also present are two 0.1" headers that connect to the CV and gate bus and three LED power ready indicators.

The 2oz copper double sided circuit board is 5.6" (142mm) long by 2.35" (60mm) wide. It is designed to go at the rear of 19" rack units or built into the bottom panel of wooden modular cases. Short distribution boards with centrally located power inlets, such as this one, offer lower resistance connections than longer thinner distribution boards.

An optional 0V point is also available which can be used for additional grounding. Please note that the newer versions of this board now have green solder mask and not red as shown in these pictures.

This is a mains powered build of the Oakley Euro PSU being used to power four Euro Dizzy boards.


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Euro Dizzy PCB issue 2 ................................ 10GBP

Please note this is a bare printed circuit board and does not come with any components fitted. All other parts can be purchased from your usual electronic component supplier.

Shipping is additional to this price.

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Three Euro Dizzy boards powered from one Oakley Euro PSU fitted to a 4U high aluminium 19" rear mounted panel in a 6U high rack case from All Metal Parts. Module mounting rails and rack ends from Tip Top Audio.

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