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15th May 2024

For up to date gossip (and unofficial technical support) on all Oakley projects visit the Oakley Sound Forum which is hosted at ModWiggler.com.

Creative Arts News

Takla Makan is my musical identity and I have been making synthesiser music for over forty years. My most recent album, Solway Firth, was released in May 2024. You can visit my music page and listen to the music I create with my synthesisers.

My contemporary fantasy novel, Stonetrance by Anthony James, can be found in Kindle format on Amazon.

MOTM format and Eurorack PCBs to be discontinued

Last November, after 24 years in the business, I decided to discontinue my MOTM format 5U and Eurorack PCBs. What once provided a healthy income for both my wife and me to live on exclusively is now barely paying for the website. I have had a terrific run selling thousands of PCBs to people all over the world and for that we are truly grateful. I have learnt so many new things and met many great people on the way.

So it is now time to move onto other things. The market has changed and I'm approaching that age when I should be looking to do other things. I will continue to develop projects that interest me and I have several in the pipeline that I would like to offer for sale. This includes freestanding effects and synth projects, and maybe some MU modules too.

Current board stocks will not, for the most part, be replenished once they have run out. However, if there is sufficient demand for one particular product, even recently discontinued items, then I should be able to manufacture more boards as a special order. Please e-mail me to register an interest in any discontinued boards.

The website will remain as it is for the time being. I will update it as boards become discontinued and new things become available. It is likely that I will completely revamp the whole site at some point. Any documentation will remain on the site for as long as possible but not forever. If you think you are going to need a document or FPD database then you should probably get it now.

PCB News

The following boards are out of stock:

ASV Pot board

The ADR30 and ASV PCBs should be back in stock in July.

Please note that all 5U and Eurorack PCBs are being discontinued. The ASV is counted as a standalone project and there are currently no plans to discontinue it.

The following board stocks are getting very low, ie. less than five:

Most 5U boards

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