The Oakley Modular Analogue Large Format Synthesiser

An Oakley Modular system built into two 19" rack cases and using non standard natural aluminium finish panels.

Welcome to the Oakley Modular page, home of Tony Allgood's Oakley Modular System since 1999. Oakley modules are constructed by yourself using our high quality bare printed circuit boards. Full building instructions can be found on each of the project's own webpage. Alternatively Oakley MU modules may be bought built and tested from LWSS in Canada.

Our full size modules are primarily designed for the 5U module system as originally defined by the Synthtech MOTM modular. As such they are fully compatible with MOTM and other MOTM compatible modules. Most of our module designs are also MU format compatible and are therefore suitable for fitting into systems.

For technical support on all Oakley projects please refer to the knowledgeable and helpful Oakley Sound Forum which is hosted at Tony Allgood does not provide official building support for Oakley projects via e-mail or otherwise, but he and many others are usually available for help via the forum.

Ordering details for modules or DIY PCBs and parts can be found by clicking here. Some tips on buying which modules can be found in our Which Modules page.

The Oakley range of MOTM format PCBs are being discontinued. Boards will continue to be sold while stocks last. I wish to thank all my customers over the years for their support.

The Modules

ASV The Analogue Synthesiser Voice Module


Slim-VCO Single width oscillator
Dual-LFO Two versatile low frequency oscillators in one single width module
VC-LFO Voltage controlled audio and low frequency oscillator


Discrete Ladder Filter The classic 904A filter revisited


ADSR/VCA A looping ADSR envelope generator and VCA in one

Utility Modules

Noise/Filter Analogue noise and voltage controlled filter module
Router Quad output amplifier/invertor and multiple


Equinoxe Voltage controlled OTA phaser
MOSPhaser Voltage controlled six stage MOSFET phaser

Power Supplies

Power Supply An LM317/337 based power supply module for small to medium sized 5U systems
Dizzy Power distribution board for the MOTM format
MU Dizzy Power distribution board for the MU format

Recently Discontinued PCBs

VC-ADSR Fully voltage controlled looping ADSR and VCA
Classic VCA Vintage voltage controlled amplifier based on the discrete circuitry of the 2600
COTA Multimode voltage controlled filter based on the classic cascaded integrator design
Croglin Dual filter with a very unusual topology
Deep Equinoxe Voltage controlled eight stage OTA phaser
Diode Superladder Filter Discrete four stage diode ladder low pass and band pass filter
Discontinuity Waveshaper, wavefolder, ring modulator, wave splicer, clipper and rectifier module
EFG Envelope Follower, Gate Extractor and Pre-amp in one
Fourmix Simple but effective four channel audio and CV mixer
Flanger/Chorus Voltage controlled delay line module for chorus, flanging and other pitch effects
Human Voice Module Fixed filter bank designed to replicate a classic electronic vocal sound
Journeyman Diode Ring Filter A discrete VCF full of character
midiDAC Single channel midi to CV convertor
Multimix Versatile three way mixer for DC and audio
Overdrive-II A well featured Overdrive and Harmonic Multiplier module
Sample/Slew Very useful sample and hold design with separate slew generator, clock generator and noise source.
State Variable Filter Two pole true multimode VCF
Transistor Superladder Filter Moog style low pass and band pass filter
VCA-X A dual and quad voltage controlled amplifier module based around the 2164 with mixing capabilities
VCO Superb sounding and full featured oscillator for classic analogue power
VCO controller Master control over VCO pairs with onboard vibrato LFO
Versatile Ramp Generator Variable symmetry oscillator, slew, envelope generator, trigger delay and more

Useful Information

Module and Case Tips Some hints on cases and which modules to buy for your modular
Construction Guide My handy PDF guide to building Oakley DIY projects
Parts Guide My handy PDF guide to buying parts for Oakley DIY projects
Power Supplies Information about sourcing power supplies
Eurorack Modular Projects Oakley synthesiser modules for the popular eurorack format

Legacy Support

Legacy Support Page A growing collection of older User Guides, User Manuals and Builder's Guides

US Part Numbers

A very generous US builder of Oakley modular projects has compiled a set of very useful parts lists complete with Mouser and other suppliers' part numbers. 25 of my older modules have had all their parts placed into individual spreadsheets. The .xls files have been bundled as one small ZIP file and can be downloaded here.

An example of a small but powerful Oakley 5U modular system built into a 22U wide oak case. The frontplates are standard black finish Schaeffer engraved panels.

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