Legacy Module Documentation

This page will host a growing collection of User Guides, User Manual and Builder's Guides for a range of Oakley modules that are no longer produced.

Please be aware that this is not an exhaustive list, nor does it contain schematics for the most part. However, I will endeavour to make all non schematic documents available as time allows. Those schematics that are not listed here are still available direct from me for 2GBP each.

Note: The documents presented here are, by their nature, legacy products and as such they may contain information that is now out of date or incorrect. This is particularly true of any references to pricing, component sources, company addresses and any other contact information.


ADSR issue 1 User Guide.pdf

ADSR issue 2 User Guide.pdf

VC-ADSR issue 2 User Guide.pdf

Basic VCA

Basic VCA UG.pdf

Basic VCA schematic.pdf

Basic EG

Basic-EG iss 1 User Guide.pdf

Compact PSU

Compact PSU Builder's Guide

Compact PSU User Manual

Croglin VCF

Croglin iss 1 Builders Guide.pdf


Discontinuity issue 1 User Guide.pdf

Discontinuity issue 2 Builders Guide.pdf

Discrete Ladder Filter

DLF issue 1 User Manual.pdf

DLF issue 1 Builders Guide.pdf

Dual Comparator and Gate Delay

Dual Comp iss 1 User Guide.pdf


EFG iss 1 User Guide.pdf

EFG iss 2 User Guide.pdf

EFG iss 3 User Guide.pdf

EFG issue 4 Builders Guide.pdf

Equinoxe phaser

Equinoxe iss 1 User Guide.pdf

Equinoxe iss 2 User Guide.pdf

Equinoxe iss 3 User Guide.pdf


Filtrex iss 2 User Guide.pdf

Filtrex-II iss 1 Builder's Guide.pdf

Journeyman VCF

Journeyman issue 1 User Guide


Little-EG iss 2 User Guide.pdf


Little-Lag iss 1 User Guide.pdf

Little-Lag iss 2 User Guide.pdf

Little-Lag iss 3 User Guide.pdf

Little-Lag front panel design.fpd


Little-LFO iss 1 schematics.pdf

Little-LFO iss 2 User Guide.pdf

Little-LFO iss 3 User Guide.pdf

Little-LFO iss 4 User Guide.pdf

Little-LFO iss 5 User Guide.pdf

Little-LFO iss 6 User Guide.pdf

LFO Panel Design.fpd


midiDAC issue 1 schematic.pdf

midiDAC issue 1 User Guide.pdf

midiDAC issue 2 schematic.pdf

midiDAC issue 2 User Guide.pdf

midiDAC issue 3 User Guide.pdf

Mixer - original 2U non VCA version

Mixer issue 1 schematic.pdf

Mixer issue 1 User Guide.pdf


Noise/Filter issue 2 User Guide.pdf


OMS-410 issue 1 User Guide.pdf

OMS-410 issue 2 User Guide.pdf

OMS-410 issue 3 User Guide.pdf

OMS-410 issue 3 schematic.pdf

OMS-410 frontpanel.fpd


OMS-820 iss 2 User Guide.pdf

OMS-820 frontpanel.fpd

Overdrive (5U version)

Overdrive 5U issue 1 Builders Guide.pdf

Overdrive issue 1 black front panel.fpd

Overdrive issue 1 natural front panel.fpd


PSU issue 2 Builders Guide.pdf

PSU issue 3 Builders Guide.pdf

PSU issue 4 Builders Guide.pdf

PSU issue 2 and 3 User Manual.pdf


RPSU Issue 1 User Manual.pdf

RPSU Issue 1 Builder's Guide.pdf


Sample/Slew issue 2 User Guide.pdf

Sample/Slew issue 1 and 2 front panel.fpd


SE330 Issue 1 User Manual.pdf

SE330 Issue 1 Builder's Guide.pdf


SVCO-A issue 1 Builder's Guide.pdf

SVCO-B issue 1 Builder's Guide.pdf


SVF issue 4 User Guide.pdf


TM3030 issue 1 Builder's Guide and User Manual.pdf

TM3030 issue 2 Builder's Guide.pdf

TM3030 issue 3 Builder's Guide.pdf

TM3030 issue 2 & 3 User Manual.pdf

TM3030 Midi Guide.pdf

Transistor Superladder

TSL issue 2 Builder's Guide.pdf


Triple VCA issue 2 User Guide.pdf

Triple VCA.fpd

Classic VCA

Classic VCA Euro issue 1 Builder's Guide.pdf


VC-LFO issue 1 User Guide.pdf

Note if your VC-LFO board is marked as an issue 2 but has an HFT timmer present it's actually an issue 3 VC-LFO.

VC-LFO issue 2 User Manual.pdf

VC-LFO issue 2 Builder's Guide.pdf


VCO issue 4 User Guide.pdf

VCO issue 5 Builder's Guide.pdf


VRG issue 1 Builder's Guide.pdf

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Last revised: February 26, 2019.